Top Creamy Cigars

July 15, 2020

Top 5 Creamy Cigars

Nowadays my palate craves spicy, darker shade cigars, I always find myself going back to my first love; lighter shade cigars. When it comes to medium-bodied, lighter shade cigars, I’m able to point out almost all of the flavors that flow through the smoke. One flavor that is consistent in these types of cigars is Cream. Sometimes it’s like smoking a cup of coffee or enjoying a piece of cheesecake.

Whether you may realize or not, creamy flavored cigars are making a resurgence and for a good reason. So, we decided for this week’s Top 5 list, we would cover some of the more intriguing cigars that leave those delicious creamy flavor notes on the tip of your tongue. All of these cigars are enjoyed by many consumers throughout this amazing industry. Do yourself a favor and make sure to check out our latest sampler right here.

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Sobremesa Brulee

We’ve endlessly talked about this cigar and gave it the props it rightfully deserves. But the Sobremesa Brulee from Steve Saka and Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust is truly a delicious tasting cigar that is a gift from god. The overall sweetness and different notes you will experience in the second and final third of this smoke are like nothing we’ve enjoyed from Mr. Saka.

The Sobremesa Brulee in the Double Corona 2020 size comes in a limited 7 x 54 size, that has an Ecuador Connecticut Shade wrapper, binder tobaccos from Mexico, and Filler tobaccos from Nicaragua. Other flavor notes this medium-bodied smoke offers besides cream are pepper, cinnamon, leather, and a hint of brown sugar. The Brulee is a complex smoke that will give you a new respect for lighter-bodied cigars.

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Robert Levin, founder of Ashton Cigars offers magical blends time after time that does not disappoint the average consumer. Levin is such a master craftsman, that he got Carlos Fuente Jr. of Arturo Fuente to back him. Fuente Jr. took it upon himself to reach out to Levin and insists he should be the one to blend these perfect gems.

The Ashton Corona is a perfect cigar that is both bold and light while providing overall creamy goodness throughout the smoke. Cloaked in a Connecticut shade wrapper, the Ashton Corona has binder and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic that are aged up to 4 years. This premium smoke is packed to the brim with delicious flavors that would pair perfectly with a morning cup of coffee or evening scotch. This medium-bodied smoke is extremely consistent, that it doesn’t matter when you smoke one.

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Diamond Crown

Another cigar on our list that has the Fuente touch is the Diamond Crown Torpedo No. 8. This time Carlos Fuente Sr. linked up with the late great owner of Diamond Crown cigars Stanford Newman. For the cigar’s 100th anniversary in 1995, Fuente and Newman meticulously handmade these gems with such delicacy while using a wicked blend of top-quality tobaccos from the Dominican Republic.

While being wrapped in a Connecticut Shade wrapper, the Diamond Crown Torpedo No. 8 has both tobaccos from the Dominican Republic that make up the binder and filler. Some compelling notes the Diamond Crown provides are sweet spice, cocoa, white pepper, and toasted almonds. This pyramid-shaped 5 x 58 smoke is the perfect summertime smoke to enjoy on your lunch.

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Davidoff Signature Series

The Signature Series from Davidoff is one of the brands most popular lines on the market today. This smooth smoking cigar has been a staple in cigar lovers’ humidors both near and far. The Davidoff 6000 is a Robusto that has exceptional quality tobaccos that have been aged for decades, all for the sake of providing perfection for its consumers.

Cloaked in a gorgeous Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, with binder and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, the Davidoff Signature Series 6000 is medium in strength, but full of delicious flavors. While smoking the 6000, you’ll get hints of spice, wood, earth, and coffee, with the addition to the creamy flavors all throughout this cigar. This luxurious 5 x 48 smoke offers a balanced experience for new and seasoned smokers across the globe.

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Caldwell Eastern Standard

Hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic at the Ventura cigar factory, Caldwell Eastern Standard Cakewalk is blended by rare and well-aged tobaccos that Robert Caldwell himself hand selects. This medium-bodied smoke has a Natural shade color, while the pigtail wrapper covers the great tobaccos within the Eastern Standard Cakewalk

In Robert Caldwell fashion, the tobaccos that make up the Caldwell Eastern Standard Cakewalk are the “Manufacturer’s Secret”.  He can keep his secrets while we enjoy this smoke down to the nub. The aroma of the Cakewalk is outstanding, and the flavor notes are even better. This slow-burning smoke has notes of spice, leather, cocoa. The sweet cream finish at the end makes the Cakewalk one of Caldwell’s most enjoyable smokes!

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