A Smoking Pipe is a Great Gift Idea for the Holidays

Let’s take a look at some smoking pipes we carry, so you can make an educated choice if you decide to present a pipe to that special someone for the holidays. Read More

Two Classic Imported Pipe Tobaccos That You Simply Must Try

Borkum Riff Original uses an age-old recipe of choice Virginia ribbon and premium Kentucky Burley tobaccos with mellow flavors, including a pinch of vanilla. Read More

CAO Premium Pipe Tobacco

CAO manufactures high-end pipe tobaccos using the same skillful blending techniques used in their enormously popular Flavours line of cigars. Read More

Wooden Smoking Pipes

Wooden Smoking Pipes come in several varieties, the most popular being those made from Briar, the most widely used material for over two hundred years! It all began in the 1820’s, when  artisans from the French town of St. Claude, … Read More

Pipes and Pipe Smoking 101 – The Briar Pipe

Briar is the grained burl joint between the stem and roots of the Heath tree, which grows on rocky slopes on the hillsides of Mediterranean countries. This burl is very tough, close-grained, and porous. It will not crack when exposed … Read More

The Legendary Eric Nording Pipes

Just like premium cigars, not all smoking pipes are created equal, but here is the difference. The average cigar costs between $5.00 to $15.00 bucks, if it stinks, not that big of a deal. On the other hand, if you … Read More

JR Quick Tip: How to Clean a Pipe

Remove the stem and filter from your pipe, it should pull right out.  If it is one piece, DO NOT try and remove the stem. Dip your pipe cleaner in a small amount of rubbing alcohol Insert the pipe cleaner … Read More

JR Quick Tip: Pipe Packing

Begin to fill the pipe with tobacco, gently pushing down each time. After three packs, place the pipe in your mouth and suck to check the draw. If draw is good keep packing, if draw is bad use the … Read More

Maybe It’s Time to Start Smoking a Pipe.

So you are thinking about taking up pipe smoking? Well, you’ve come to the right place! You may not know this, but JR Cigar has a tremendous selection of pipes that can easily rival any pipe shop. Some of … Read More

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