Long Ash Podcast Episode #40

February 7, 2020

Long Ash Podcast Episode #40

On the 40th episode of Long Ash Podcast, Nick and Greg talk about a lot of different topics all while enjoying their new studio set up! While Greg enjoys the Ashton Estate Sungrown, and Nick enjoys the Opus X Lost City, the two discuss the different types of wrappers that are cloaked over some of your favorite smokes.

From the size of tobacco leaves and Nick defining what Pillones actually is, go listen to Episode 40 of the Long Ash Podcast a listen today!

Ashton ESG: https://staging-br.tusaapi.com/cigars/handmade-cigars/ashton-cigars/ashton-estate-sungrown/

Fuente Fuente Opus X The Lost City: https://staging-br.tusaapi.com/cigars/handmade-cigars/arturo-fuente-cigars/fuente-fuente-opus-x-the-lost-city/


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