Padron Family Reserve

September 6, 2019

Padron Family Reserve Cigars were released in  2009 and quickly became famous by winning the prestigious Cigar of the Year award from Cigar Aficionado—the most respected publication in the industry. This is an honor the Padron Family Reserve cigars went on to win three more times, making it an accomplishment that no other cigar brand has ever achieved. If you had doubts that Padron Cigars weren’t already some of the best around, they’ve certainly reached that status with this splendid Reserve line!

The Padron Family Reserve Series Cigars are limited edition beauties, available in four different sizes,  with each size representing a different yearly release to celebrate significant moments in the Padron family lineage. The lineup includes the Padron Family Reserve 44 Years, 45 Years, 46 Years, and 85 Years.

Each featured cigar is cloaked in either a  stunning reddish-hue Habano or a dark, oily Maduro wrapper surrounding an aged blend of specially selected  10-year-old Nicaraguan tobaccos. These exquisite leaves are all grown on the renowned Padron Family farm in Estelí Nicaragua. The smoker is rewarded with a unique and distinctively rich flavor profile from each individual cigar to create a diverse, buttery smooth, full-flavored smoking experience that only a luxury  Padron offering can provide.

Boasting top-notch construction, a slow burn, easy draw,  and, of course, great taste, Padron Family Reserve are exceptional ultra-premium cigars in every aspect. That said, Padron Family Reserve Series cigars do come with a steep price tag, but if you consider yourself a true cigar connoisseur, this is a brand that you undoubtedly owe it to yourself to try!




Padron Family Reserve 44 Years



Padron Family Reserve 45 Years



Padron Family Reserve 46 Years



Padron Family Reserve 85 Years




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