Virtual Herf: Rob Gagner from Boveda Inc.

May 12, 2020

Virtual Herf: Rob Gagner from Boveda Inc.

On our next episode of our JR’s Virtual Herf, we have the voice of Box Press Cigar Podcast, Rob Gagner. Rob has been with Boveda for 4 years. So sit back, light up a cigar, and enjoy our virtual herf.

Boveda has a plethora of items under their name. They have Boveda Packs for your humidor that go from 62% to 75%. Boveda also sells Wood holders and Metal holders for your humidor, Humidor Bags will keep your cigars in good condition for one year, and a One-Step Calibration Kit as well.

Next, Nick and Rob discuss the benefits Boveda packs can do outside the cigar world. Rob informed Nick that it can help out the quality of cannabis and the quality of acoustic guitars. They last up to 6-9 months and helps out in more ways than one.

To finish the interview off, Rob answers some questions from our amazing fans on our YouTube page. Check out his interview and we hope you enjoy! Until next time.


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