Virtual Herf: Jarrid Trudeau from Kristoff Cigars

May 19, 2020

Virtual Herf: Jarrid Trudeau from Kristoff Cigars

On our next episode of the Virtual Herf, we have Jarrid Trudeau, vice president of sales, from Kristoff Cigars. Kristoff is known for the Original Maduro, Cameroon, Original Criollo, and the Ligero Maduro. They really gained popularity after their line Pistoff Kristoff took off all over cigar events.

The company has built a stellar reputation using only the finest double, and triple-fermented premium tobaccos, rolled by master blenders with generations of Cuban cigar making experience. The addition of Jarrid Trudeau, who’s worked for the corporate headquarters of Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond, only added to the success of Kristoff.

Jarrid tells the story of Kristoff founder, Glen Case. Glen Case, founder of Kristoff used to be a Banker. He left after 20 years but finally landed in the cigar industry. Glen’s wife knew cigar brokers that led Glen to his interest in the cigar world.

After all of the interesting facts and information Jarrid bestowed on Nick, he answered some interesting questions from the fans. Hope you enjoyed this episode and got to know Kristoff Cigars a little bit better.



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