Virtual Herf: Amanda Hanono from Xikar

May 13, 2020

Virtual Herf: Amanda Hanono from Xikar

Virtual Herf: Amanda Hanono from Xikar

On our next episode of the Virtual Herf we have Amanda Hanono, Marketing Manager for Xikar. Come join us as we talk about all the cool cigar accessories Xikar has to offer.

Before working at Xikar, Amanda worked with her father, who has been in the cigar industry for the last 20 years. Next, Amanda worked at Drew Estate and really found her voice and niche while working with one of the most popular cigar companies in the world.

Finally, Amanda decided to take the plunge and leave Drew Estate to go work at Xikar because she really wanted to experience the retail side of the cigar industry.

Nick and Amanda discuss some of the most popular cutters under the Xikar line such as the Xikar XO, Xikar Xi, and the Xikar Enso. Amanda also went over the Butane that Xikar sells and the proper way to re-fill a cigar lighter.

Not only do Xikar sell cutters, but they have an array of lighters that do not disappoint at all. We wrapped up the video by letting our fans from our YouTube page ask Amanda all lighter and cutter related questions they may have. Until next time, we hope you enjoyed this Virtual Herf!


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