Cigar Accessories Guide for the Beginner

July 26, 2018

Now that you have entered the world of premium cigars, you are probably ready to some to start your collection. That is the fun part, but there are a few things you need as well, so here is a cigar accessories guide for the beginner.

Cigar Cutters

A cigar cutter is the quintessential item that any cigar smoker aficionado needs. There are a few types to choose from and here is what makes each one different.


The guillotine cutter is a popular choice – and a good one. It comes with a single or double blade and makes a cut across the end of your cigar. For a cleaner cut, choose the double bladed guillotine cigar cutter.


The V-Cut allows you more surface area because it makes a notched hole at the end of the cigar. As long as you do not push the V-cutter into the cigar too deep, this is an ideal choice for small ring gauge cigars.


A punch cutter is a razor sharp blade that is formed in a circle and cores out an opening when you push it into the head of the cigar in a gentle fashion. For mixed filler cigars, this is an ideal cigar cutter but not ideal for small ring gauge or torpedo cigars.


Made differently from regular everyday scissors, these are made just for cigars and work by snipping off the end. Be sure that the ones you get a super sharp so you do not damage your cigar.

If you are somewhere where your cigar cutter is not available, you can always bite off the end. Other than resembling someone from a movie out of the 40s, this is only a good idea in a pinch. Otherwise, you’ll end up with tobacco in your mouth.

Cigar Cases

A cigar case is just that – a place to store your cigar on the go. They work well so that you can enjoy your cigar anywhere without worrying about damaging it or drying it out until you are ready to smoke it. They come in a variety of styles and materials so the aesthetic is really up to your preference.

Cigar Lighters

Sure, no matter how you light your cigar, the fire is going to be the same. However, there are different temperatures and convenience levels. For instance, if you use a lighter filled with butane, it is going to give a flame that has a higher temperature. Whether it’s matches, a small cheap lighter, or a fancy butane filled lighter that has an exotic outside material – choosing your lighter is just part of the fun. But at the end of the day – it’s still all about the cigar.


A humidor is a must-have if you plan to store multiple cigars. These storage items keep your cigars fresh and free from drying out so that you get the same flavor every time. There are many kinds of humidors to choose from and as long as the one you choose has a good seal and cedar wood inside, you can pick the one that fits your lifestyle best.

The accessories you choose are going to be based on your own preferences but knowing the basics can help you make an educated decision so that you always have everything available to enjoy your favorite cigar.


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