Special Cigars to Enjoy on Independence Day 2020

June 29, 2020

On July 4, the US will celebrate our 244th birthday.  This holiday is among the most popular and celebrated days across the country.  BBQs and fireworks will pop up everywhere as people take to the streets to celebrate the birth of our country. The US is at crossroads right now. However, through all the mistakes and controversy our country has faced, the US was built on the idea of freedom and opportunity for all.

To celebrate our favorite holiday, a few great cigars are definitely necessary. I’ve put together a list of some top-notch cigars that will help enhance your July 4th experience.  Each of these cigars represents something great about America, so I can see no more fitting occasion to enjoy them then on the 4th of July.

Special Cigars to Enjoy on Independence Day 2020

Camacho Liberty Series

Several major companies have annual releases that cigar smokers eagerly anticipate.  For Crowned Heads it’s the Las Calaveras, for Tatuaje it is the Monster Series.  For Camacho, however, it is their super limited Liberty Series.

For years, Camacho has released this limited edition during the early days of summer to help coincide with July 4th.  We are lucky enough to have quite a few boxes of several years of the Liberty Series, going as far back as 2017. Today, however, we are going to focus on the brand-new Camacho Liberty 2020.

This 6X60 Gordo smoke is handcrafted at the legendary Diadema Cigars de Honduras S.A. factory, the main facility for all Honduran made Davidoff cigars.  The cigar is rolled with a variety of tobaccos from three different nations, making it incredibly complex.

It uses aged Honduran and Dominican filler, a Honduran binder, and an exquisite Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.  Notes of pepper, earth and leather, this complex and bold smoke is the perfect way to celebrate the founding of the country.

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Rocky Patel Freedom

Rocky Patel represents the American dream.  He was an immigrant, worked hard and became a highly successful attorney, before turning his attention to the cigar industry.  For over a decade, Rocky has fought for the rights of the cigar industry in the continuing battle against the FDA and wished to craft a cigar that represents the ideals of this country.  His project took the name freedom, to represent our fight against regulation and the freedom to run our industry.  I can’t think of a more fitting cigar for July 4th

The Rocky Patel Freedom is hand-rolled in Nicaragua, using some of the finest aged filler and binder tobaccos available.  Its wrapper is a stunning, Sumatra leaf that offers up rich notes of coffee, leather, and spice.  The box is emblazoned with the American flag and depictions of US soldiers, a truly fitting cigar for the holiday.

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Foundation Charter Oak

Nick Melillo Is known for his passion for a variety of topics.  His passion and knowledge of tobacco are well-known and un-paralleled, but he also has a deep love and appreciation for reggae music, history, and of course, his home state of Connecticut.

The Charter Oak is his love letter to Connecticut.  The Charter Oak was a large, oak tree in Connecticut that was used to hide the state charter from being confiscated by the British.  The tree has a legendary status among Connecticut residents and in American history.

The cigar itself is one of Nicks best-selling products.  It is available in two different wrappers varieties; both being grown in Connecticut.  There is the smooth and creamy Connecticut Shade and the rich and sweet Connecticut Broadleaf.  This cigar not only represents the history of the US but also uses American grown tobaccos, making it a great smoke to light up during the 4th.

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Alec Bradley American Classic

This blend from Alec Bradley is a throwback to the heyday of American made cigars.  It is meant to represent those classic blends from the days of our fathers and grandfathers.  It is meant to be hearty and flavorful yet smooth, making it a great everyday smoke.  This cigar showcases those classic American traits from one of our countries most well-respected cigar manufacturers.

The American Classic is hand-rolled using Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos, as well as a rich and flawless Honduran wrapper.  Notes of earth, leather and nuts combined for that classic, hearty flavor, while the age on the tobacco adds a smooth and creamy finish.  The cigars are packaged in a classic style box, reminiscent of those classic style cigar boxes.

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Exclusive Xikar July 4th XI2 Cutter

Every great cigar needs a great cutter, and we have the perfect one for July 4th.  Continuing our exclusive holiday series, we worked hand in hand with Xikar to design a special cutter to help celebrate the birth of our country.  This limited cutter is decorated with the stars and stripes America is known for, as well as a beautiful bald eagle.  This is the perfect accessory to show your love for this country and to help celebrate our most beloved holiday.

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