Announcing JR Cigars Virtual Tradeshow

June 15, 2020

Announcing JR Cigars Virtual Tradeshow

The annual PCA Tradeshow is the biggest and most informative cigar event of the year.  This event has always been the platform for cigar companies to announce new cigars to the industry, with all eyes on them for four straight days.

It is important not only for the retail owners who attend but also for the millions of cigar enthusiasts who anxiously await to see what their favorite brands are bringing to market.

Unfortunately, due to the current state of the world, the 2020 tradeshow has been canceled.  While the effectiveness of the tradeshow has been in question for the past few years, no one can argue the importance of a social and media perspective.

On June 18th, JR will be hosting the first-ever Virtual Cigar Tradeshow.  We wanted to give a platform back to the manufacturers.  While many of these companies have substantial social media followers, the tradeshow was always a way for media to get the news of new products to a broad audience, and that is what we intend to do.

Starting at 1 pm EST, we will be talking to almost 20 different companies in a marathon-style event.  Each company will have about 10 minutes to discuss their new products and other major news items.  This is the same amount of time we usually get during a packed trade show; however, instead of filming in Las Vegas, we will be broadcasting live on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

Below, we have a list of the companies that will be attending, along with each team member we will be talking to for this huge event.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

We will kick things off talking to legendary tobacco man Steve Saka. His Dunbarton line is among one of our favorites, and we get incredibly excited each year to see what he releases.


Ricky Rodriguez is responsible for some of the most exotic and unique blends on the market today.  Get ready to hear about what he is planning over at CAO.


Sean Williams remains one of the coolest guys I’ve met in the industry, which makes sense because he is in charge of the luxury Cohiba brand.  We are looking forward to seeing what he has to talk about with this iconic cigar.


Laurel Tilley has become the face of Macanudo, one of the best-selling brands on the market.  Tune in to see what she has to say about a brand new Inspirado release.


I can talk to Nick Melillo for hours on end.  He is one of the smartest most insightful blenders in the industry, and I hear he might have a surprise or two up his sleeve.

Nat Sherman

Michael Herklots is a legend in the cigar industry, as is Nat Sherman.  Looking forward to his thoughts and any potential news he has to bring.


Aganorsa Cigars has become one of the most beloved brands on the market.  Their tobacco is already legendary, as are the countless brands they make for themselves and others.  Let’s see what Terence Riley has to say on the company.

Drew Estate

Drew Estate always makes a big splash at the tradeshow with several new releases.  We will be joined by Marketing Manager Joe Gro to discuss some very exciting new cigars.


My brother from a Space mother, Omar Frias, will be joining us to discuss the future of Fratello cigars, perhaps with a beer or two.

Crowned Heads

Crowned Heads has some very exciting new releases planned for this summer, so we brought in the man himself, Jon Huber, to tell us about them.

Room 101

Boofy is back and in a big way.  Matt Booth will be with us to discuss the expansion and new direction of the Room 101 brand.


Xikar Amanda will be joining us to talk about one of the best-looking lighters I have ever seen.  Perhaps we even have a fun little exclusive Xikar project we can discuss.

Caldwell Cigars

The Miami man himself, Robert Caldwell, will be in full form discussing new projects from Caldwell Cigars, hopefully with a full shirt.

Black Label Trading Company

I’ve recently described Black Label as being a member of the cigar underground, and I love it.  James Brown himself will be joining us to discuss some new ideas and projects


Davidoff always has one of the biggest and most classy booths at the tradeshow.  We know they are going to bring that luxury to our virtual event.


Camacho and Avo are two of the best-selling cigars on the market.  I cannot wait to discuss the brands and see what they might have behind the curtain.

Quality importers

While Quality Importers owns Xikar, they are also responsible for several other major brands of cigar accessories.  I look forward to hearing what they have planned!


Rafael Nodal, the man behind the No.1 Cigar of the year, will be the finishing touch on our event.  We are going to discuss the plethora of new products from AUSA brands, including H. Upmann, Montecristo, and others.


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