Wedding Cigars That Make the Perfect Gifts

May 29, 2015

Weddings are supposed to be a time of happiness, jubilee, and love.  Although we are currently going through a rough patch in the world, there is no better time to celebrate the love and affection, and commitment to people have with each other.  Folks are still putting continuing with their wedding celebrations, even if they have to be modified for the current social distancing conditions.

One thing I always look for at a wedding, with the exception of an open bar and pigs in a blanket, is a good cigar.  Whether the couple provides them themselves, or if there is a roller, a cigar is always the perfect punctuation on a beautiful day.

Wedding cigars were one of the most common requests I would get from people back in my retail days.  It can be difficult to figure out exactly what kind of cigars or how many you should get, especially if you’re not a big cigar smoker yourself.  Luckily, I have put together this handy guide for how you should go about buying cigars for your wedding, depending on your budget and preference.

Budget Cigar Options

We shall start our journey with the budget wedding cigar options.  This is the most common route simply for the fact that not a lot of people at the wedding are going to smoke and most people aren’t exactly aficionados.  However, we have some amazing options that won’t hurt your bridal budget but are still top-notch smokes.

JR Alternatives have been our bread and butter for years.  They are incredibly popular too due to their quality, variety, and of course, price.  I always have suggested picking up a bundle or two to hand out at a wedding.  They are still quality cigars but won’t hurt your wallet at all.

I suggest going with the JR Dominican Alternatives, those with the red label.  These are smooth, creamy, and above all, mellow.  Considering many of the guests won’t be fans of anything too strong, these seem like the way to go.  If you wanted to go a little higher end, the JR Edicion Limitada is the top shelf alternatives. They are more complex and flavorful but are also a bit stronger, so be careful.

Cigar Gifts for the Groomsmen

Moderate Cigar Options

Here is another solid category for the best wedding cigars.  If you still want to save a little money but would like a popular name brand, we have several options that will fit your criteria.  Depending on your preferences and budget, we have boxes, samplers and five packs with top-rated name brands that will still save you enough money for that honeymoon.

The first brand you should look at is Romeo y Julieta.  It is one of the most popular and best-selling cigar brands in the country and for a good reason.  They are flavorful, reliable, consistent and won’t break the bank.  I have always suggested the Romeo y Julieta 1875 for wedding cigars.  They are mellow to medium-bodied, smooth, and are available in a wide variety of sizes and packages.

My personal recommendations have always been the Romeo in the Bully size.  This Robusto size is a great wedding size.  It is long enough to experience all the great flavor but small enough that all the guests won’t sit outside for half the night.  If a sampler is more your speed, I’d recommend checking out our top cigar sampler blog, which offers a wide array of legendary cigars for a great price.

Top Shelf Cigar Options

For the true cigar connoisseurs, we have several top-notch cigars that will make your wedding even more memorable.  We carry all of the high-end cigar brands that would add a touch of luxury to this amazing event.  These are the brands that are renowned around the world for their quality, presentation, and complex flavors.

If you are looking for a popular, well-known brand, you can’t go wrong with Montecristo.  From the mellow and smooth Montecristo Original to the brand-new luxurious Montecristo Cincuenta, this brand is the best-known cigar brand in the world and is sure to turn some heads.

If you want to impress your guests, Padron and Davidoff would be the perfect choices.  These cigars are known the world over for being of the highest quality.  Padron has received more Cigar of the Year awards than any other brand.  Davidoff is seen as THE luxury cigar brand.  Boxes of either of these will turn your wedding into a truly high-end event.

Cigar Gifts for the Groomsmen

It is a tradition that the groom often gives a small gift to each of his groomsmen.  These range from wallets to cufflinks to watches.  If you or your groomsmen happen to like cigars, you’re in luck.  From special limited cigars to top of the line accessories, we have a wide range of best cigars for a wedding, which makes perfect gifts to hand out on your special day.

If you wanted to share a special cigar to commemorate the occasion, I can think of a few unique options that are sure to make the day more memorable.  The Padron Family Reserve is the brand’s special anniversary series, with each release paying homage to a significant event in the Padron’s family’s history.

The Padron Family Reserve 85 Year has always been a favorite and one of their highest rated cigars yet.  It comes in an elegant box of 10, which is perfect for your groomsmen cigars.

If you are looking for some cigar wedding s as a gift that will last, check out our wide array of cigar accessories.  You want something nice, but not too expensive as you are already shelling out a ton of money for the cocktail hour, look into our selection of Xikar XI 2 cutters.  They come in a wide assortment of colors and styles and are backed with a lifetime warranty.  This is sure to show your family and friends how much they mean to you.





JR Tradicion Dominicana


Bundle of 20

Romeo y Julieta 1875


Box of 25

Davidoff Signature Series


Box of 25

Padron Family Reserve 85 Years


Box of 10


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