Long Ash Podcast Episode #44

March 13, 2020

Long Ash Podcast Episode #44

In this week’s episode of the Long Ash Podcast, Greg, Nick, and Secret Chris all enjoy the cigar that Greg blended while he was in Honduras for work. With a Mexican San Andres Wrapper, a Criollo Binder, and Fillers from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Connecticut, Nick really expresses his love for Greg’s creation.

The guys also discuss their weirdest and biggest guilty pleasure eating habits, new social media samplers, how the Coronavirus has effected the sports world and much more! Don’t forget to subscribe to the Long Ash Podcast on all streaming platforms today.

Friday the 13th Sampler. Use code LUCKY13: https://staging-br.tusaapi.com/item/cigar-samplers/premium-cigar-sampler/TAR1SMP.html 



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