Spring Fling Buying Guide

March 16, 2020

Spring Fling Buying Guide

The clocks have changed, the days are longer and the weather is warmer.  This can only mean one thing…spring has arrived.  This is a joyous time for everyone but especially for cigar smokers.  You can finally exit the hibernation of your “man cave” in the garage and venture out into the world.

As the weather gets warmer and cigar smokers make the migration to outdoor decks and poolside, its important to make sure you are set up for the transition. With that in mind, I’ve put together a little guide on how to prepare yourself for some springtime cigar action.

Lighter Fuel

Now as many of my fellow aficionados know, I prefer to use wood matches.  I just really enjoy the flavor and aroma of a good wood match.  However, you have to remember that in the spring there will still be a good amount of wind.  That is why it’s important to have a trusted, butane lighter on hand at all times.

The only thing worse than not having a lighter is having one that’s empty.  You have this dreaded, cold feeling and you keep saying to yourself “why?”.  So make sure to always have your lighter filled and ready to go.   I always go with the Xikar High Performance fuel personally, but as long as your lighter is filled, I’d be happy.

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Upgrade Your Accessories

Seeing as how spring is a time for rebirth, this might be a great time to upgrade your collection of cigar accessories.  The accessory business is always evolving and every year we are seeing new and improved lighters and cutters from the leading companies.

For this spring I’d recommend upgrading to the Xikar Enso cutter.  This new age and the stylish cutter is guaranteed to give you a clean cut every time.  For lighters, I’ve become a huge fan of the Colibri Quasar table lighter.  It is industrial, strong and reliable and would look great on your patio cigar station.

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Season Your Humidor

Spring is also a great time to season and maintain your humidor.  I try to do this four times a year, so basically once a season.  You should grab some Boveda bags to keep your cigars in for a few days while you re-calibrate and season your humidor.  For tips on how to properly season your humidor, check out this article we wrote on the subject.

It is important to season your humidor during a season change because of the changes in the weather.  As the spring ramps up, you’ll see warmer temperatures and in most cases a higher humidity percentage.  You have to make sure you take this into account when getting your cigars all set for the season.

Springtime Cigars

Although this is just an overall guide in how to prepare for spring, I figured a cigar suggestion or two wouldn’t hurt.  Many of my regular rotation I smoke year-round, however, I do find myself turning to more floral and medium-bodied smoke this time of year as opposed to the dark and robust I prefer during the cold months.

Two cigars instantly “spring” to mind when thinking of this time of year.  First is the Espinosa Laranja Reserva.  One of my favorite cigars of all time, this smoke is bursting with spice, citrus notes and a touch of sweetness.  Its creamsicle like the band is also very springtime themed.  I also find myself smoking several Warped during this time of year, particularly the Flor de Valle.  This amazing cigar has a fresh and floral tone to it, making it perfect.


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A Few Drinks Perhaps

How are you supposed to go and enjoy the beautiful outdoors without a few beverages? Well, you’re not.  So I thought adding in a  few classic springtime drinks would be the perfect finale to this guide.  While my go-to drinks like a Manhattan are great anytime, there are certain drinks that just scream springtime.

The Mint Julip immediately comes to mind.  This crisp refreshing drink is a favorite of the Kentucky Derby which is just around the corner.  A tequila sunrise is also a great choice.  It is the perfect combination of crisp, sweet and refreshing.  For those of you who do not imbibe in alcohol, have no fear.  A vanilla iced coffee or sweet Shirley Temple are also favorites of mine.


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