Playoff Football and Cigars- The Perfect Combination!

January 12, 2016

Smoking cigars and watching football goes hand in hand and the Big Game is an excellent excuse to splurge on your favorite premium smokes. For some it’s also time to think up some lame excuse why you won’t be accompanying your significant other to any place that doesn’t have a TV this weekend! The Flu or a backache usually works – at least it did for me on a few past occasions. With that in mind, you need to fire up that laptop and log into your favorite cigar website, JR Cigar, and pick up some winning sticks. Since my favorite team, the New York Giants took a dump two weeks ago and eliminated themselves from playoff contention, I really don’t care who wins it all this year, as long as it’s not the those damn New England Patriots! Since I have so much free time on my hands, I will offer you my choices for some great NEW cigars to smoke while you are cheering on your favorite team.

Hot off the press is the brand spankin’ new Bolivar Heritage. This flawlessly crafted gem features an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and a five-nation blend of Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, and Dominican Republic long fillers all rolled inside a stunning dark brown Connecticut Habano wrapper. Every time you put down the bowl of chips and take a drag, your palate will be rewarded with yummy notes of earth, leather, spice, cedar.

Kimbao, which is the Cuban slang for crazy, nuts, or toasted, not only describes how you will be feeling when the Vikings lose their playoff game with the Seahawks on the last play of the game! Kimbao is also a brand new premium offering from cigar legend Christian Eiroa. Handmade exclusively for JR at Christian’s renowned El Aladino factory in Honduras. The cigar is blended with perfectly aged binder and filler tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru. And features a rare and delicious Honduran San Andres wrapper .When you are done smashing the flat screen with your remote, the ample notes of cedar, spice, leather, earth, and buttery toast from your Kimbao 6 X 52, will surely calm you down and help you forget that you just lost a bundle of dough betting on Seattle again!

There is no way for us to know which football team you are rooting for this year, but we did check our records and came up with the most popular cigars that you folks regularly order. Our JR Fan Favorites Sampler is loaded with nine of these best-sellers. When all the boys are comfortably seated in your testosterone-fueled “Man-Cave” waiting for the kickoff, they sure will be enjoying some very fine smokes with this assortment.

This is easily the most wide-open NFL playoff field in years, and a case can be made for just about any of the entrants to emerge as the Super Bowl Champ. The New England Patriots, having lost four of their past six games, seem ripe to be dethroned, and when they are, what better way to celebrate than with one of the real champions of the cigar world- the Monte by Montecristo Cigars. Montecristo cigars are truly hand rolled to perfection, and since their inception in 1935, they have been considered one of the most recognized and highly rated brands on the world.

The boldly blended MONTE is a cigar with tons of refinement and depth, and its signature feature is the use of two binders, a spicy Dominican Olor combined with a strong and aromatic Nicaraguan Corojo that adds strength, firmness, and complexity. Aged Dominican long filler tobaccos and deep brown Ecuador Habano wrapper complete this stunning package.

Even if the Patriots should happen to repeat as champions, I personally will light up my Monte Jacopo No. 2 Square Pressed and enjoy its rich and earthy Cubano style flavor to kill the pain!


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